Real-time Shipment Updates – Every Step of the Way

Maintain visibility over purchase orders in transit through direct integration with freight forwarders and logistics partners to receive Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) information and Bill of Lading (BOL) tracking. Leverage automates shipment tracking and sends alerts when delays threaten to disrupt your supply chain.

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Automated Logistics & Shipment Tracking

Track shipments and linked purchase orders (POs) in a central, collaborative module for end-to-end PO visibility.
Integrate with existing APIs for automated, real-time updates from logistics partners, freight forwarders, and third-party transportation providers.
Get AI-powered notifications when transportation delays threaten inventory levels, giving you the opportunity to proactively mitigate issues.
View updates in your channel of choice or through our interactive map.

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Purchase Order Management

Manage the lifecycle of your POs end-to-end

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Inventory Management

Gain full visibility into real-time inventory

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