Automate Purchase Order Status & Supplier Updates

Get the purchase order updates you need, automatically and in real time. Leverage automates status updates easily — meeting your suppliers where they are, without them having to adopt or learn new systems.

Learn how end-to-end purchase order visibility is possible with Leverage.

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End-to-end PO Lifecycle Visibility

Auto-generate purchase order details and status updates in a single hub for full visibility over incoming POs and current inventory levels.
Eliminate tedious, manual processes with automated, pre-configured outreach to suppliers.
Direct integrations with ERPs, EDI platforms, emails, WeChat, and WhatsApp to collect PO status information instantly.
Get AI-driven, proactive notifications to identify supply chain disruptions as they occur so you can quickly manage risk, such as delivery delays and out-of-stock occurrences.
Access robust reporting capabilities to evaluate supplier performance and drive accountability.

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Shipment Visibility

Real-time shipment updates from start to finish

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Inventory Management

Gain full visibility into real-time inventory

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