The Leverage Platform

Our mission is to build long-term supply chain sustainability through end-to-end visibility across the entire lifecycle to include planning, bill of materials, purchase orders, shipments, inventory, and everything in between.


of our users saw an increase in revenue in the first three months of using Leverage by proactively ensuring weeks-on-hand.


of our users report a dramatic reduction of out of stock issues by implementing Leverage


of our users say that Leverage allows them to reduce future headcount requirements

Your Command and Control Center

We recognize no two companies are the same. We work with you and your IT team to customize and configure the platform to your needs. Our artificial intelligence models help you automatically learn from your data, provide actionable insights, and ensure that every day is an improvement from the day before.

Workflows Built to Amplify Your Team

Purchase Order Management

End-to-end Purchase Order Management that enables your team to create and track every PO, directly collaborate with your suppliers in real-time, and quickly surface and mitigate potential disruptions.

Inventory Management

The ultimate platform to achieve full visibility into real-time inventory across all of your warehouses and distribution centers.

Planning and Forecasting

Streamline your supply-chain with AI-driven planning and forecasting to ensure inventory weeks on hand meets the customer’s needs.

Savings and Contributions

Supercharge your savings and contributions reports to highlight team successes and progress towards company-wide goals.

Supplier Performance

Measure and assess your supplier’s performance with data-driven and automated supplier scorecards that collate SLA adherence, survey responses, and your most important KPIs.

Seamlessly Connecting Your Disparate Systems with Artificial Intelligence

Connect Your Existing Systems within Days

Leverage integrates disparate systems and provides a centralized hub for all purchase order data and communications. Our white-glove Systems Integrations Team handles the heavy lifting, so there’s no additional strain on your IT team.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Finance and Accounting
Distribution & Logistics
Product Lifecycle Management
Sales Channels

Modernizing the global supply chain industry

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Purchase Order Management

Manage the lifecycle of your POs end-to-end

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