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Leverage is the modern day supply chain command and control center. ERPs work perfectly for accounting functions and C-Suite level overviews; however, this leaves supply chain teams managing critical functions such as purchase order management and supplier scorecarding in "custom" excel documents -- ultimately creating cascading inefficiencies, lack of visibility, and scaling challenges.

Connecting Systems to Fuel Your Growth

A centralized hub that streamlines communication, collaboration, reporting, insights, and more. Our intuitive cloud platform puts everything in one place - fully integrated into your existing system. With Leverage you get control, efficiency and a launchpad for your supply chain.

One Platform for You and Your Entire Team

World-class technology built to scale with your company at any stage of your journey. Our customers range from startups to Fortune 50, supporting their journey every step of the way. With the Leverage platform you get modern modular software customized to your needs and integrated directly with your existing systems.

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Supply Chain Infrastructure

Instead of manually piecing together data from disparate existing systems Leverage provides a single source of truth across your organization that evolves with your company over time. Lay down the right infrastructure to allow your supply chain to truly scale.

Sourcing Expertise

Is your team strapped for time or budget? Work with our sourcing professionals to hyper-charge your procurement and planning output while benefiting from the latest industry best-practices.

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Prevent Out-of-Stock Occurrences and Increase Revenue

With real-time and predictive notifications we surface the right information at the right time to empower product owners, suppliers, and stakeholders to quickly collaborate and resolve issues that directly impact the bottom line.

Visibility and Control over your Supply Chain

By bringing together disparate systems in one centralized command and control platform, Leverage automatically calculates, surfaces, and visualizes your most important KPIs and OKRs so that you have all of your mission-critical reports at your fingertips.

Implement Industry-Leading Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationships are too important to be scattered throughout countless emails threads, ad-hoc excel documents, and unsearchable meeting notes. With Leverage you get one centralized platform for end-to-end traceable collaboration, streamlined project management, and best-practice issue resolution.

Supply Chain Tools and Services that Power Your Growth

SKU and PO Management

End-to-end Purchase Order Management that enables your team to create and track every PO, directly collaborate with your suppliers in real-time, and quickly surface and mitigate potential disruptions.

Request for Quotes

Discover the next-generation Request for Quotes to create, send, track, and assess the right suppliers for each product or service - integrated right into your PLM and ERP so you can manage projects end-to-end.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Boost internal efficiency and traceability with one centralized repository to manage your supplier contracts end-to-end.

Inventory Management

The ultimate platform to achieve full visibility into real-time inventory across all of your warehouses and distribution centers.

Planning and Forecasting

Streamline your supply-chain with AI-driven planning and forecasting to ensure inventory weeks on hand meets the customer’s needs.

Chargebacks and Rebates

Enforce contract adherence and adjudication with streamlined workflows for supplier chargebacks and rebates.

Savings and Contributions

Supercharge your savings and contributions reports to highlight team successes and progress towards company-wide goals.

Supplier Performance

Measure and assess your supplier’s performance with data-driven and automated supplier scorecards that collate SLA adherence, survey responses, and your most important KPIs.

Supplier Risk and Assurance

Automate supplier due diligence and compliance both prior to onboarding and on an on-going basis.


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