Answering the Fundamental Question: "Where's my Stuff?"

Leverage provides automated end-to-end supply chain visibility across your purchase orders, shipments, and inventory. Stop wasting time on manual calls and emails to suppliers and logistics partners, and answer critical supply chain questions all in real time.

The Ultimate Control Tower for Supply Chains

Leverage connects with your existing systems and your 3rd party vendors to provide a single dashboard to see every phase of your purchase orders, shipments, and inventory.

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End-to-end Purchase Order Lifecycle Automation

Auto-generate purchase order statuses to maintain visibility from the moment it’s planned to the moment it’s sold, and every status in between.

Automated Status Updates

Meet suppliers where they are to get the updates you need, when you need them.

EDI, email, WhatsApp, WeChat – Leverage meets your suppliers where they are today and automates purchase orders status update requests across platforms, allowing them to provide updates at the click of a button (literally)– without having to adopt or learn a new system.

Real-time Shipment Updates

Maintain visibility over POs on the move.

Leverage integrates directly with your freight forwarders and logistics partners to bring real-time visibility to shipments.

Anticipate Inventory Risk

Get real-time visibility into current inventory and incoming POs to stay ahead of potential stockouts and shortages.

Leverage creates customizable risk analyses powered by AI for every SKU across every distribution center and automates recommendations to avoid inventory shortages and stock-outs.

Intelligent Risk Management

Never miss another exception again – solve supplier and logistics issues as they arise.

Leverage delivers AI-powered real-time notifications when changes occur to ETAs and lead times, and indicates how those impact inventory targets – so you can spend more time solving problems, not trying to identify them.

Link Sales to Purchase Orders

Deliver exceptional customer support through supply chain visibility.

Leverage allows you to see how your outstanding and upcoming purchase orders are impacting your current sales and customers, giving you unprecedented visibility and the ability to provide a world-class customer experience.

One Platform for You and Your Entire Team

Our mission is to build long-term supply chain sustainability through end-to-end visibility across the entire lifecycle to include planning, bill of materials, purchase orders, shipments, inventory, and everything in between.

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Leverage Services

An Expert Team to Help, Every Step of the Journey

Meet your Leverage “Pros” - a dedicated team of supply chain, procurement, sourcing, and data experts, available 24/7/365 to proactively help you manage your supply chain and ensure your orders arrive on-time, in-full, at-cost, and on-quality every day.

Manage Your Supply Chain Every Step Of the Way

End-to-end Purchase Order Automation that enables your team to create and track every PO, directly collaborate with your suppliers in real-time, and quickly surface and mitigate potential disruptions.
  • Purchase order creation, management and reporting
  • Supplier Logins for PO acknowledgements, updates, and collaboration
  • Real-time and predictive notifications for late deliveries
  • Proactive category management
  • Robust APIs to connect with your existing systems
Leverage provides end-to-end shipment visibility so you can maintain visibility of your items at every step of the way - wherever they are.
  • Direct integrations into freight forwarders and carriers
  • Track shipments back to Purchase Orders, Containers, Inventory, and Demand and Projects
  • Receive automated alerts when a shipment delays occurs and how any exception impacts your inventory and customers
Measure and assess your supplier’s performance with data-driven and automated supplier scorecards that collate SLA adherence, survey responses, and your most important KPIs.
  • Automated quarterly business reviews
  • Quantitative and qualitative reviews
  • Custom weighting system
  • Robust APIs to connect with your existing systems

Connect Your Existing Systems within Days

Leverage integrates disparate systems and provides a centralized hub for all purchase order data and communications. Our white-glove Systems Integrations Team handles the heavy lifting, so there’s no additional strain on your IT team.

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Finance and Accounting
Distribution & Logistics
Product Lifecycle Management
Sales Channels

"Leverage saves each of our buyers 50% of their time—every week. Plus, we now know how to answer: “Where is our stuff?"

Steve Andrews
Director of Supply Chain

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